Editorial Independence Policy

The Conversationalist maintains a firm policy of editorial independence, in line with the standards developed by leading nonprofit news organizations such as the Institute for Nonprofit News.

All of our content—including but not limited to published articles, newsletters, social media posts, and podcast episodes—is subject to full editorial control by The Conversationalist and no other party. We do not allow donors, story subjects, or any other outside person or entity to influence what we publish, nor do we alter previously published work at their request.

Our editorial leadership team chooses what to publish based on our professional estimation of its relevance to our mission and its importance to our global audience. When appropriate, we may accept material contributions to support our coverage of a given story, but such support in no way entitles the individual or organization making the contribution to participate in the assigning, editing, publishing, or updating of said story. 

The Conversationalist is supported by donations from individuals and organizations. Our donors choose to support us with full knowledge that their donations, while greatly appreciated, do not permit them the right to review or request alterations to our content. Nor do donations confer the right to distribute The Conversationalist’s content without prior written authorization.

It is the general policy of The Conversationalist to refrain from accepting anonymous donations; exceptions may be made on rare occasions for reasons of personal safety or other extenuating circumstances, but The Conversationalist retains the right to accept or reject the donation pending a review of our legal team, as well as the right to use the funds entirely at The Conversationalist’s discretion.