Corrections and Clarifications Policy

The Conversationalist is committed to publishing information that is fair and factual. All our stories are subject to multiple rounds of intensive editing to ensure that claims, statements, and depictions are accurate and supported by evidence from reputable sources. 

Corrections or clarifications to published stories may be made in the rare event of oversight or error. In such cases, The Conversationalist will seek to update the story in question as soon as possible. Stories that have been updated to correct errors or provide clarification will feature an addendum at the conclusion of the main body text, which will include a description of the initial issue, the manner in which it was addressed, and the date on which the correction or clarification occurred. 

The Conversationalist publishes corrections when a factual error occurs, such as when a name is misspelled or a number is cited incorrectly. The Conversationalist may also choose to publish clarifications to information that is not factually incorrect, but would benefit from additional context that may have become available, such as when an individual’s quotation takes on new significance due to information that comes to The Conversationalist’s attention.

If you believe a story from The Conversationalist requires a correction or clarification, please contact corrections(at)conversationalist(dot)org with a link to the article in question and a brief description of the issue.

The Conversationalist believes that honesty and transparency are bedrock principles of journalism. Our commitment to these principles requires that we abstain from making corrections or clarifications except in cases where factual errors have occurred, or when our readers’ best interests would be served by updating the original story. We do not publish corrections or clarifications in response to pressure from individuals or organizations who take issue with The Conversationalist’s stories due to personal preferences or subjective interpretations.