Donor Transparency Policy

The Conversationalist is a nonprofit, intersectional feminist organization dedicated to producing impactful journalism and building community around the world. Our work is made possible through the generous support of donors who believe in our work and share our goals of advancing equality, democracy, and justice. 

As part of our mission, we believe in transparency when it comes to our funding. We do not, as a rule, accept anonymous donations. Exceptions may be made only in exceptional circumstances if a prospective donor would be placed in personal or professional risk should their identity be publicly revealed, and if The Conversationalist’s legal counsel can confirm that accepting an anonymous donor’s contribution would not present a conflict of interest or other ethical quandary. Currently, none of our total annual funding comes from anonymous donors.

Donors to The Conversationalist include private individuals, nonprofit foundations, and for-profit entities. The vast majority of support for our work comes from small dollar donors; we have also benefited from the generosity of Anna Lind-Guzik (whose donations exceed $5,000).

Donations made to The Conversationalist are used to support our journalism and community building work. Making a contribution does not entitle the donor to exercise any influence over our editorial process or other key decisions, nor does it imply The Conversationalist’s support for the donor’s statements, actions, or beliefs.