Our Mission

The Conversationalist is an independent nonprofit and feminist publication focused on global perspectives, from the personal to the political Our mission is two-fold: publishing feminist solutions journalism on global affairs and culture, and incubating a community that wants to engage constructively with the media. We seek to change the way people feel after reading the news by prioritizing empathy in our reporting, interrogating the impact of policy on vulnerable people and publishing under-amplified voices. The Conversationalist is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for journalism, civic engagement and democracy one brave conversation at a time.

Feminist stories. Global Perspectives. Zero BS.

Our History

Founded in 2018, The Conversationalist was born out of the authoritarianism and misogyny proliferating in mainstream media and politics. We saw a lack of transparency, accountability and integrity in coverage of events and were called to challenge the narrative. Obvious connections to the rise of authoritarian regimes and gender-based violence occurring in other parts of the globe were missed or blatantly disregarded by the media. American exceptionalism stood in the way of people understanding the context and history informing the present. In an effort to move past the media’s myopic and sensational approach to news, The Conversationalist began as a platform that amplified the voices of women and people of color with deep insights and creative solutions about our chaotic, interconnected world. We believed, and still do, that people are hungry for thoughtful, engaging journalism that they can trust, a natural response to the proliferation of disinformation, propaganda and equivocation over basic facts and human dignity. Curiosity and empathy thrive when the rage clicks disappear.

Our Values

Community. We believe the media should encourage curiosity, offer nuance, reinforce our dignity and push our capacity for empathy and collective action. Healthy conversation and civic engagement are essential to a functioning democracy. We envision a digital community that enables constructive dialogue and meaningful human connection. This goal and vision set us apart from other media platforms.

Global. We live in an interconnected world where similar obstacles arise across countries and communities. When our news sources are one-dimensional, we disregard the geographic, social and political contexts of other locations and the lessons that come from those experiences. The Conversationalist holds a standard that the newsroom is not complete without considering international events. In order to give our readers holistic context, we seek out and elevate global voices.

Feminist. At its core, feminism is about linking the personal to the political. It is about considering a quality beyond gender, while recognizing humans’ unique experiences with gender. We believe that feminism is for everybody, and that feminist stories are human stories. Our approach to feminist reporting simply involves being considerate, inclusive and intersectional.

Our Content

We provide solutions-oriented analysis of today’s biggest stories through a global and feminist lens, prioritizing empathy and intersectionality, interrogating the impact of policy on vulnerable people and publishing under-amplified voices. Our writers encompass a full spectrum of expert perspectives and are the people who experience first-hand the policies and systems they explore. Instead of chasing clicks, we intentionally publish long-form, investigative pieces each week in pursuit of sharing richer stories that inspire thoughtful and informed conversations. Unbreaking Media, our weekly podcast, examines politics and culture through an intersectional feminist lens. The Conversationalist aims to expand the horizon of what’s possible for journalism and society to de-escalate conflict and create a sustainable alternative.

Meet the team

Executive Director


Anna Lind-Guzik is Executive Director and founder of The Conversationalist. She is a writer, attorney and scholar of Soviet legal and literary history, authoritarianism, feminism and human rights, with degrees from Duke University, Harvard Law School and Princeton University. Her writing has appeared in The Daily Beast, Salon and Open Democracy Russia. Follow her on Twitter @alindguzik

Director of Operations & Finance


Brenna directs The Conversationalist‘s business operations and is delighted to support the critical work of writers and journalists around the world. She has built and led high-performing teams, catalyzed philanthropic investments, published influential research in public finance, successfully lobbied for policy change in over 25 U.S. states, and held senior leadership roles in nonprofit, government, and the private sector. She holds degrees in accounting and rhetoric from the University of Illinois, and a degree in public administration from North Carolina State University. Follow her on Twitter @brenna_erford

Executive Editor


Gina was previously the features editor of Vox’s Epic Magazine, one of the founding editors of Shondaland.com, and the night editor at Cosmopolitan.com. She holds a degree in English, Marketing & Journalism from NYU’s Gallatin School. Follow her on Twitter @ginamei

Social Media Manager


Kiera has managed social media accounts for Dig, NYT Cooking, Google, Food.com, Google, and numerous other leading organizations. She holds a BS in Journalism from the University of Florida. Follow her on Twitter at @kierawrr

Events Manager


Rita is Events Manager at The Conversationalist. She has produced events and content for the American Astronomical Society, Ten Spot, Marriott International, and numerous other organizations. She holds a BA in Political Science from Spelman College.

Senior Designer


Victoria is a multidisciplinary art director and designer operating in brand, film and editorial. She has previously worked with publications like Refinery29, The New York Times and Departures. Follow her on Twitter @VctriaRsslli.

Marketing Associate


Tais, with a background in search engine marketing, serves as The Conversationalist’s Marketing Associate. She holds a BA in Global Studies from Drexel University and is now pursuing a Master of Environmental Management from the Yale School of the Environment. She is passionate about women and worker’s rights, sustainable fashion, and reading!