Mission Statement

ANI’s mission is to inspire thoughtful and informed conversations about the pressing issues of our times.

Our goal is to provide a place where these conversations can lead to solutions. Our lens is feminist and solutions oriented.

We want to amplify information as a positive and inspiring force

ANI’s mission is to go beyond the ‘what’ and ‘where’ of the news. Instead, we will look at the ‘why’ of how we got here, and the ‘how’ of positive action.

We are committed to elevating the discourse and contributing to the improvement of civil society.

There are critical thinkers out there who bring insight and knowledge to the table of ideas. ANI’s mission is to amplify their voices and incubate a community of like-minded readers who are interested in figuring out what the solutions are, and how to implement them.

What is a “feminist lens”?

We believe, and the data shows, that women bring significant added value with their style of reporting, because they tend to prioritize the impact of policies on the vulnerable.

What is valuable about a woman's perspective?

Women who work in journalism tend to notice people who are vulnerable, disenfranchised, or less powerful because they know how it feels to be marginalized. Studies show that very often when women take over leadership of a news organization, stories that had received little attention are given more prominence.

What is solutions oriented journalism?

Solutions oriented journalism analyzes the issues underlying a problem or an issue by looking at its causes and suggesting a solution

So are you going to publish only stories by and about women?

Absolutely not! There are many brilliant men who write and report from ANI’s feminist, solutions-oriented perspective, and we look forward to amplifying their voices alongside those of women.

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