Mission Statement

The Conversationalist is a nonprofit magazine that contextualizes urgent problems and offers new solutions from global, feminist perspectives. We amplify experts and emerging voices who shed light on power dynamics, from the micro to the macro.

Our Content
We publish articles that offer rigorous analysis, original reporting, and compelling stories. We look for work that offers a way forward -- a clarifying insight, a new policy approach, a fresh perspective on culture and influence.

We are excited to promote work from leading experts and emerging voices, and are committed to amplifying women and people of color.
Our Values
We believe media should encourage curiosity, lend nuance, and offer a way to connect with others. These are mutually reinforcing qualities: we know that when people encounter complexity and nuance, they are more curious and receptive to new ideas.

We know that moments of conflict are opportunities to ask bigger questions and practice compassion -- how did we get here? What priorities need to be reconsidered?
Our Operating Model
At a time when traditional media is undergoing unprecedented changes, media platforms are now turning to nonprofit models.

The Conversationalist is a nonprofit, but it is more than a business model: it is the way we maintain our independence and values. We operate on a lean budget that strongly prioritizes compensation for our contributors. We are committed to independent media that accurately reflects the society on which it reports.

What is a “feminist lens”?

We believe, and the data shows, that women bring significant added value with their style of reporting, because they tend to prioritize the impact of policies on the vulnerable.

What is valuable about a feminist perspective?

Women who work in journalism tend to notice people who are vulnerable, disenfranchised, or less powerful because they know how it feels to be marginalized. Studies show that very often when women take over leadership of a news organization, stories that had received little attention are given more prominence.

What is solutions oriented journalism?

Solutions oriented journalism analyzes the issues underlying a problem or an issue by looking at its causes and suggesting a solution

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