Our Team
Anna Lind-Guzik Executive Director Anna Lind-Guzik is Executive Director of The Conversationalist. She is a writer, attorney and scholar of Soviet history, censorship, and human rights, with degrees from Duke University, Harvard Law School and Princeton University. She currently holds the Judith S. Kaye Teaching Fellowship in partnership between the Historical Society of the New York Courts and Bard High School Early College. Her writing has appeared in The Daily Beast, Salon and Open Democracy Russia. Follow her on Twitter @alindguzik.
Lisa Goldman Editor-in-Chief Lisa Goldman has been a journalist and editor for 20 years. She worked in the Middle East for more than a decade, starting out as a news editor at Haaretz newspaper and then moving on to reporting for international media outlets. She is a member of the team that co-founded +972 Magazine, now the leading English-language media platform in Israel-Palestine. Lisa is also a former fellow with the International Security Program at New America, the Washington, D.C. think tank. She lives in Montreal. Follow her on Twitter @lisang.

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